Wasn’t Arthrotec Some Kind of Japanese Cartoon Robot?

Being laid up at home with a bad back has compelled me to download and watch a LOT of TV, even though I gave away my TV set 4 months ago in an attempt to wean me from the glass teat. Last night, I watched 6 straight episodes of season 2 of Celebrity Apprentice. Jesse James is my new hero! (And Melissa Rivers is just freakish.)

Last week, in full lumbar pain mode, I watched the entire 5th season of Entourage. And since I Google absolutely everything as I watch, know what I learned? That Jason Patric is the grandson of Jackie Gleason! Bet you didn’t know that.

And speaking of lying on my back in lumbar pain… three cheers for Arthrotec!

And speaking of TV, Mary Ellen sends us the following photo, the only comment for which I will make is, “But in what order?”

Now, as you know, I sort of play sitar, and I’ve often had a fondness for a certain Guns’N’Roses song, “Sweet Child of Mine”, which I actually sang aloud in India 13 years ago. Well, Sarah M. sends us this:

Indian Sweet Child of Mine