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Face Fur Radeo – deonandia

Face Fur Radeo

Auuuugh! I’m going crazy with the busy-ness! I wanted to let y’all know, though, that I will be on CHIN radio in Ottawa tomorrow (Friday) at 12:30pm. You can listen online, I think. I’ll be on a show called “Dialogue with Diversity”, hosted by Dr Qais Ghanem.

Oh, I will add a small anecdote. How many other men out there get random spammish emails from Russian brides hoping to snag a Western husband? I get one every few weeks. They are always hilariously written. The most recent one said, “My man should be strong, assured in the forces, possess charm, attentive, careful.”

Well, I’m not assured in anything, let alone the forces! Cryptic words, indeed. I wonder if there’s a secret message in there for a KGB sleeper agent…