JT on the TV

My (entirely platonic and heterosexual) love for Justin Timberlake, as expressed in this post, was further enhanced this weekend when the Boy Genius hosted SNL for the 3rd time.

SNL clips are hard to find online, as the tyrants on NBC scour the web looking for so-called “copyright infringements”, so the few links I offer here are precious indeed. Frankly, I find this corporate behaviour imbecilic. What better way to costlessly encourage excitement about your brand than to allow the viral sharing of small clips? Nuh.

Anyway, from the history of JT’s appearances on SNL, many believe he first impressed us with a bit called “Omeletteville“, which was followed up months later with a similar bit called “Homelessville“. The trifecta of hilarity ensued this weekend with the third installment, “Plasticville“.

And let’s not forget his three appearances in the “Barry Gibb Talk Show“, the first two of which are linked here and here. Sure, it’s no “Dick In A Box“, but what is? Well, the classic Beyonce video, with JT as a backup dancer comes close, as does the most recent JT/Samberg “digital short”, called “Mother Lover“: