Real Life Superheroes

I’m sometimes asked to explain my semi-retirement from the world of fiction writing. The long answer has something to do with not believing that we should flood the world with books unless we actually have something of value to add… so many authors write because it’s their job, not because they have something to say. The short answer, though, is probably more pithy and digestible: truth is a billion times more interesting than fiction can ever be.

Case in point: the recent emergence of real-life “superheroes” on American city streets. Let’s be clear here. By “superhero” we mean dudes with issues who wear costumes and prowl the streets looking to exact vigilante justice. Cincinnati’s “ShadowHare” is the most famous:

You can see them all at, well, the World Superhero Registry.

Predictably, with the emergence of real life superheroes has come the emergence of real life super villains. That’s right. We have witnessed the birth of ROACH: Ruthless Organization Against Citizen/Chubby Heroes.

ROACH is so diabolical that they have posted an ad in Craigslist offering a staggering bounty of $10 for anyone who can provide the secret identity of ShadowHare.

I think there’s one thing we can all agree about this story: it will not end well.

In Other News…

Adam S. sends us this neat commercial showing what Bruce Lee would have looked like playing ping pong with his nunchaku:

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