Smooching = Dating

A “friend” (note quotation marks) has generously offered to write a dating profile for me. Because I believe in archiving the minutiae of my life, I offer it here now for your benefaction:

40 going on 14

C-list shut-in idiot savant given to serial bouts of nonsensical utterings seeks highly attractive, worldly, accomplished, well-traveled partner to go steady with. Will offer juvenile antics, frequent mentions of porn, disrespectful comments about the bodies of women over the age of 22, tacky jokes, and occasional mature insights in exchange for intellectual and physical stimulation. Laughter, among other things, will have to be faked on a regular basis. Asset qualifications include being of South Asian background, financial independence, being a nerd or dork in high school, having a firm body with big boobs and breathing semi-quietly through your nose. Smooching = dating, so respondant [sic] beware. ”

And because I’m all about the the awkward segue, I give you this interesting article about the roles of science versus religion by Stanley Fish –a topic that was actually at the core of my second book.

I will summarize my take on the debate this way: science tells us everything about the how, but is incapable of addressing the why.