Flying Behemoths… Or Should That Be "Behemothra"?

Here I am in Toronto international airport, awaiting a flight to Kingston, Jamaica. I’m attending the annual meeting of the Caribbean Studies Association, where tomorrow morning at 8:am sharp I’ll be saying my two bits about health literacy amongst AmerIndians in Guyana’s far interior.

Right in front of me is the largest civilian jumbo jet airliner in the world, the Airbus 380-800. This one is run by Air Emirates. Here are a couple of pics I just snapped on my trusty Treo:

And here’s a blurry pic of the press scrum surrounding the behemoth’s pilots. I’m surprised no one tried to arrest me for taking this. Security is pretty tight. Mind you, even the ground crew comes with cameras in hand:

Almost ready to board. Before I forget, my recent interview with Drs Robert Huisch and Qais Ghanem, about the Cuban medical system, is now available for download on Dr Ghanem’s website. Here’s a pic of Robert and me, snapped by Qais before the interview:

Yes, my hairstyle is a tribute to Ed Grimley.