PAB09, part deux

Still in Kingston at the Podcasters Across Borders conference. It’s been an excellent year for conference food. I reported earlier about the food at CPHA. Now at PAB09 I’ve been treated to an excellent buffet lunch of lasagna, chicken, mountains of fresh vegetables and a large array of desserts. And this evening our boat cruise featured free beer from Molsons: Rickard’s White. Mmmmm, calortastic.

Surprisingly, PAB09 continues to be a thought-provoking and very enjoyable affair. I’ve also discovered some dopplegangers among us. This is a picture of LA-based actor and creator of the Hollywood Podcast, Tim Coyne:

And here is former Dr Who, Christopher Eccleston:

Erie, huh?

This is the owner of, a nice fellow named Marko Kulik:

And this is Major Dad himself, Gerald McRaney:

More eeriness abounds!

Marko clued me into this last eerie resemblance. Here is photographer Annie Liebovicz:

And here is, um, Howard Stern:

And that, my friends, is what you come to for the hard-hitting political analysis and social commentary.

I leave you with this, the hilarious pilot for Awesometown, a sketch comedy show by the Lonely Island, that was never picked up:

And one last thing. I tried to register the domain name (“.gy” is the country code of te nation of my birth, Guyana.) But apperently there are issues. I tried, my droogies. I tried.