Greetings from the 2009 Podcasters Across Borders convention in sunny Kingston, Ontario. As you probably don’t know, my friend (she would say, “acquaintance”, I’m sure) Chamika A. and I have been trying to launch Chutnification, a podcast about South Asian literature, for some months now. Don’t think about stealing the name. We already own it. So we’re here for the skinny on the podcasting world. Yes, it’s a nerdly sausage fest. But you know what? So far it’s a pretty fun time. The fellow conventioneers are all well engaged and genuinely nice people, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong wit dat.

Here’s a pic of Chamika and me. I’m throwing down some bad-ass gang signs. So no, I’m not having a seizure:

Since our podcast doesn’t have any, you know, content yet, I’m calling it a “mimecast“. Yes, you can use that terminology, too, but don’t you dare forget where you heard it first. Or didn’t hear it, since that’s the point of the joke, after all…

Tonight I had some more ideas for podcasts:

A show about fishing: codcast
Another show about fishing: rodcast
A show for Evangelical Christians: godcast
A show for weed smokers: potcast
Another show about weed smoking: podgrass
A show for cattle ranchers: prodcast
A show for fitness freaks: bodcast
A show about Flash comic books: Gorilla Grodcast
A show about my favourite Superman villain: Kneel Before Zodcast
A show about failing computers: podcrash
A show broadcast in double stereo: quadcast
A show about affirmation: nodcast
A show about nasal hygiene: snotcast
A show about potatoes: spudcast
A slow moving show: plodcast

Well, you get the idea.

In Other News…

Darth Vadum sends us Sex Myths That Are Actually True.

Any Iranians out there wishing to protest the current shenanigans online, but are afraid of exposure? Try Anonymous Iran.