Blog? I Have A Blog?

Oh yeah, I have a blog! All this twittering and Facebookery have distracted me of late. What else? Oh yes, I just bought property! The horror and stress of adopting a mortgage has drained me of energy, such that the thought of creating cohesive blog-worthy sentences has been unappetizing.

But here I am. Where to begin? Oh yes, some random surfing brought me to this site:

Rochelle’s Japanese Experience

It’s relevant because Rochelle has used a photo of me in her post, clearly cobbed from this location. I don’t mind, really. I just think it’s funny.

Meanwhile, almighty Zod’s quest to prevent me from walking continues unabated. First, he dislodged a lumbar disc on my right side. Then he did so on my left side. Then he sent thugs to push me over in a cafe, bruising my knee and giving me a lip for several days. And now he got me drunk so I passed out on my floor in an awkward position, waking up with my disc herniated yet again. AUUUUGHHHH!

In yet more random news, my MicroSoft column will now be carried by Yayyy, more readers!

Meanwhile, Cousin Ajay sends us news of Bebe Gloton, the breast-feeding doll. No comment.

And in other news, Chamika sends us the Best Che Guevara T-Shirt Ever:

Lastly, the Other Ray sends us… um… Christian porn.

That is all.