The Roopster

I recently came across this. And because of that, I can’t get this out of my head. “Yeahhhh, here comes the roopster…”

Now, my favourite comedian of the moment is the “pathetic little fat man”, the immortal and genius Ricky Gervais. Here he is being mocked by David Bowie:

Now, the scene has more poignance when you consider that Ricky Gervais was genuinely a new wave pop star back in the 80s, with a look reminiscent of both David Bowie and Nick Rhodes. His band was called Seona Dancing, and here’s a clip of them performing “More To Lose”. In standard 80s overkill nonsense, there is of course an extended edition that will make modern audio producers cringe.

I love how in standard new wave style, Ricky is wearing clothes seemingly home made from curtains and handkerchiefs. The weird part is that this song found a life of its own in the Philippines well into modern day, where it was erroneously broadcast as “Fade” by “Medium”. (Some DJs lie about songs in order to prevent others from playing them.)

Here’s Ricky and his fey friend from those days, looking very Bowie-esque indeed:

And here’s the little fat funny man today:

In other news, I had my pre-moving out party this weekend. Here is a pic from the festivities:

Yes, that’s a carrot, not a cigar. No, the porn-style moustache is not permanent (in fact it’s coming off right now). And yes, those are in fact man boobs.