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What the hell am I doing at a nightclub at 42? Jesus, where’s my oatmeal and tea? Aug 23, 2009 06:08 AM GMT

:Twitter haiku 174 – “Girl shops for tampons / New fangled brand not in stock / Have to pull some strings”2:07 PM Aug 22nd

Happiness is a freshly tuned bicycle2:22 PM Aug 21st

:Twitter haiku 173 – “Need a replacement / For my desktop calendar / Its days are numbered”10:15 AM Aug 21st

:Twitter haiku 172 – “Architect jailbreak / Failed to climb over the wall / Wasn’t built to scale”1:47 PM Aug 20th

:Twitter haiku 171 – “At my new condo / Starting organic garden / Till it like it is”9:14 AM Aug 19th

:Twitter haiku 170 – “Viagra sponsored / Porn awards: ‘Best Erection’ / Stiff competition”8:10 AM Aug 18th

My apartment building is sandblasting the balconies today… So there’s an inch of dust covering all my computers and drives! Auuughhh!!!3:31 PM Aug 17th

About to compliment McDonalds on finally giving me decent highway food service… When I noticed they screwed up my order :(7:35 AM Aug 17th

:Twitter haiku 169 -“Getting a mortgage / Forced to spend responsibly / Time to act my wage”9:52 PM Aug 16th

If you’re at the North York Ikea and see a brown man napping in an idling Kia Rio, that would be me. Come buy me a coffee.11:53 AM Aug 15th

Just passed a truck with a sign on the back: “Mr Fantastic Crack Filler.”1:50 PM Aug 14th

Oh God, I think the people who run the Tim Horton’s on the 401 are mental deficients. Only explanation.12:21 PM Aug 14th

:Twitter haiku 168 – “I am quite proud of / My powers of deduction / (Finished my taxes)”11:16 PM Aug 13th

Thanks for all the birthday love… though I know you just want me for my body.12:05 AM Aug 13th

:Twitter haiku 167 – “Hey it’s my birthday / But I don’t deserve congrats / Word to my mother.”2:03 AM Aug 12th

Twitter haiku 166 – “Once again today / Something’s getting on my nerves / My sciatica”3:36 PM Aug 11th

Best Top Gear line: “In certain parts of America, people have started to mate with vegetables.”11:46 AM Aug 11th

Just tried “Top Gear Australia”. Bah. They’re trying too hard.8:00 AM Aug 11th

Best therapy for disc herniation: gin, salmon and more Top Gear.5:58 PM Aug 10th

Deonandan.com is back up. Email away.4:29 PM Aug 10th

It seems deonandan.com is down. If you need to email me, do it through Twitter or FB.3:38 PM Aug 10th

Anderson Silva is the baddest man on the planet.1:43 AM Aug 10th

On the floor with a herniated disc… And onto hour 6 of Top Gear marathon.9:22 PM Aug 9th

Finished watching Top Gear seasons 11 and 12… on to 13!4:46 PM Aug 9th

:Twitter haiku 165 – “Define ironic / Write haiku in same hotel / As haiku con’frence!”9:31 AM Aug 9th

Home now. Why is the ceiling spinning?1:24 AM Aug 9th

At a wedding, drunk off my ass wayyy before dinner is served. Is this wrong?7:23 PM Aug 8th

Morning wedding. Drunk at 2pm. Lying on the floor. Watching Top Gear. *Hic*2:14 PM Aug 8th

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost.10:24 AM Aug 7th

Up till 9:AM and *still* not done my taxes. Sheesh!12:15 PM Aug 6th

2007 corporate taxes done… Now on to 2008. Sigh.12:57 AM Aug 6th

80s fest continues. Tonight: “Big Trouble In Little China”. Anything but do my taxes.9:05 PM Aug 5th

:Twitter haiku 164 – “Hat said to the shoes / As they both explored: ‘Stay here.’ / ‘I’ll go on a head.'”5:41 PM Aug 5th

Back in Ottawa. Guess what I had for lunch? A BURRITO!3:04 PM Aug 5th

Doing condo inspection now. Feeling… claustrophobic…11:52 AM Aug 5th

Woke up in NYC, slept on a train, now walking around Montreal. Hmm… Crepes? I.e. French burritos?8:08 PM Aug 4th

You know a train station is shitty when you prefer to use the toilets on the actual train.6:26 AM Aug 4th

Sitting on stinky floor of Penn Station waiting for train to Montreal. I thought my student days were behind me?5:39 AM Aug 4th

At snooty rooftop Manhattan bar. Nice view, though. I think I was drunk here before, 2 years ago. Weird.

Riding Pelham 123 just to see if I could take it.3:12 PM Aug 3rd

Enough with this “work” thing. I’m off to get a foot massage. Laters.1:11 PM Aug 3rd