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# Marathon runners rarely look happy or healthy.
6:20 AM Sep 27th from API

# Overheard tough guy teen talk: “Yo, if a f-ing pigeon shits on me, i’ll f-ing rip its head off.” Oooooh, so gangsta.
9:03 AM Sep 26th from API

# Gin: my ultimate frienemy.
7:07 AM Sep 26th from API

# Drinking gin in the home of a retired Taiwanese woman. Let the comments flow.
5:44 PM Sep 25th from API

# Pulling into Union Station. There’s a giant chalk drawing of a penis on the wall. Ah, it’s good to be home.
7:18 AM Sep 25th from API

# Unforseen perk of Via Rail 1st class – free time on the massage chair! Whoooo!
2:21 AM Sep 25th from API

# First night in new condo: O the joys of doing late night laundry without having to leave home!
9:09 PM Sep 24th from API

# There’s a dork on a unicycle in the middle of rush hour traffic on Carling Ave! I hate dorks on unicycles.
6:05 AM Sep 24th from API

# Fourth casualty of moving: cheap-ass plastic laundry basket. Apparently it doesn’t double as a step ladder. Who knew?
10:40 PM Sep 23rd from dabr

# Third casualty of moving: a craptastic glass Ikea lamp.
7:50 PM Sep 22nd from API

# Second official casualty of moving: my US Supreme Court coffee mug from DC…. Meh.
8:36 PM Sep 21st from API

# :Twitter haiku 190 – “Timid high school girl / With ugly frock mocked by peers / Damsel in dissed dress.”
11:31 AM Sep 21st from API

# Breaking my carb embargo with half a Costco muffin. Mmmm.. insulinalicious…
1:12 PM Sep 20th from API

# Damn! Haikus 171 and 187 were also pretty much the same. I’m starting to repeat myself. Repeat myself. Repeat myself.
10:30 AM Sep 19th from dabr

# :Twitter haiku 189 – “Singer on a cruise / Really wasn’t up to par / Couldn’t hit high seas”
10:20 AM Sep 19th from dabr

# Facebook is down. How am I supposed to poke people?
8:59 PM Sep 18th from dabr

# :Twitter haiku 188 – “Moved into condo / Needed change of ownership / For my rental health”
7:36 AM Sep 18th from API

# What can I make with pita, a tomato, a green pepper, an egg and a bottle of salsa? Guess we gonna find out (PS yes there will also be gin)
5:57 PM Sep 17th from web

# Thanks to Rita for introducing me to Datarock. Been overdosing ever since… but still no desire to buy a red track suit.
8:08 PM Sep 16th from dabr

# :Twitter hiaku 187 – “Plants on balcony / Speak to them to help them grow / Till it like it is”
5:26 AM Sep 16th from web

# ZOMG, they’re offering a workshop on “effective email writing”. LOL ROTFLMAO… BRB… http://tinyurl.com/qwbqtj
1:27 PM Sep 15th from web

# :Twitter haiku 186 – “Need to develop / Some more flexibility / To watch my own back”
6:30 AM Sep 15th from web

# MRI result: multilevel degenerative lumbar disc disease. Wahhhhh!!!
1:14 PM Sep 14th from web

# :Twitter haiku 185 – “Out of bed early / Do I look respectable? / First day of classes :(“
5:17 AM Sep 14th from web

# Watching “The Big O”. Great idea, questionable execution.
11:17 AM Sep 13th from API

# Meh. http://tinyurl.com/5fwsym9:26 AM Sep 13th from dabr

# First casualty of moving: my prized stoned status of Isis from Luxor, Egypt. Wahhhhh!!!
10:42 PM Sep 12th from API

# Swiffer Wetjet rules.
7:15 PM Sep 12th from API

# Anyone know of an uber-cheap moving company in Ottawa?
2:23 PM Sep 11th from dabr