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Extra Bits of Tid – deonandia

Extra Bits of Tid

Just some housekeeping notes today:

My latest India Currents article, “Advantage India“, was picked up and syndicated by New American Media under the title, “Why India Has An Advantage Over China“.

The photos from my most recent trip to Guyana –described in this recent blog post— are now posted over on Flickr.com. Here’s a taste:

It’s a photo of a government- or NGO-sponsored mural drawn on the famous Georgetown sea wall. The funny part is that they left out the “c” in “choose” and no one seems to have noticed.

And here’s a video of the manatees in the botanical gardens:

The sad part is that their waters are polluted, even there in the park, with pop bottles and other trash thrown in. And due to drought, the levels of of their small pond are not being well maintained.

Depressed yet?