A Little Embarrassing

Here’s an old post from Deonandia 1.0, from Nov 4, 2004:

As I’ve already gone out on a limb and predicted that Al Gore will return to national prominence very soon, let’s make a few more predictions for the next 4 years:

  • Within the next 4 years, Hillary Clinton will lose considerable power in the Democratic Party, perhaps even losing her New York senate seat to, oh, let’s say Giuliani.
  • Within the next 2 years, probably sooner, the USA will give Israel the go-ahead to bomb Iran. They’ve already supplied the Israelis wtih 500 bunker-buster bombs and several long-range fighter-bombers. The US is in no position to invade Iran as things stand, so their best bet to continue neo-con foreign policy is to use Israel as a military proxy.
  • Roe vs Wade will be challenged… successfully.
  • The Democratic Party will continue to wither well past the midterm elections, and will finally re-emerge, branding itself the party of “individual liberties” or something like that.
  • Canada will join the USA in the useless (but more or less harmless) continental missile defence programme.
  • A more militarized Europe will start to emerge, strengthened by the inclusion of Russia.
  • Both China and India will join the new global arms race, to the consternation of both Pakistan and Iran.
  • Turkey will fail in its bid to enter the European Union, as fear of Muslims reaches a global pitch.
  • The clever Aaron Brown will finally get doofus Lou Dobbs’s earlier slot on CNN, but both will be Anderson Cooper’s bitches.
  • Mark Steyn will retire, and no one will care.
  • Another devastating terror attack will occur on US soil. There will be much horror, but we’ll all get over it.
  • John Edwards will never be heard from again.
  • I will have written at least 2 more books, none of which will make me any money whatsoever.

Well, how many of my predictions came to pass?  The China, India and Turkey one.  That’s about it.  The biggest let down?  I haven’t written any new (published) books since 2003!

The lesson: I know nothing.  And now we have proof.