In Lieu of an Actual Title

So Lost is over.  For my review of the finale, visit  I also finally managed to get my review of the Battlestar Galatica finale done, a year later. If you missed Lost, here’s a summary of the show as performed by cats:

And for those of you who did not like the ending, here’s a more believable version.  (It’s an animated GIF, in case it’s not working on your browser.)

On a more serious note, if you really didn’t understand the show (and really, how attention impaired are you people?) here’s an excellent summary by some British kid:

Like it?  He also does politics.

In other news, everyone on Facebook has been getting a kick out of this video of a baby sloth orphanage.

In even more other news, here are some interesting photos I took recently.  First up is a hoola hoop thing I found in Pacific Mall last weekend.  Notice that it’s “easy to use” and “potable”!  Useful if you’re stranded on a deserted island or a lifeboat or something.

Next up is a photo I snapped in the men’s room of a building on the campus of the University of Ottawa.  No, I’m not in the habit of taking photos in public bathrooms.   Note, however, the sign above the urinals posted by Ottawa Public Health.  It reads, “Ottawa’s health is in your hands.”

Next is a photo I snapped on the beaches of Toronto’s East End last weekend.  Apparently, it’s illegal to bring both personal fireworks and your family to the beach.  This place is for lonely, childless singles only:

Lastly, R.I.P. Gary Coleman.  He was my age!  Yeesh!