Rectum? Damn Near Keeled Him!

The Daily Perv Link (please see disclaimer) is long dead, but sometimes some stories arise which just deserve that oft misunderstood tag.  First up, a Chines man passes out after a night of binge drinking.  Instead of drawing a penis on his forehead, his friends INSERT A LIVE EEL INTO HIS RECTUM!!!  Yes, he died.  Next, while searching scholarly publications for unusual studies that I could include in my 4th year epidemiology exam, I came across this: an adolescent suffers injuries after forcing his bulldog to have anal sex with him.  You know, you just can’t make this shit up.

Day two of Deonandia 3.0 is so far seamless.  But as you can definitely see, there are still no archived comments.  I want to thank the following bloggers for providing valuable support in trying to fix this problem: Justinsomnia and Adventures In Goat World.

Currently, I’ve installed Disqus as a replacement for Js-kit.  Do you hear that, any Js-kit employees that might be reading this?  I’m still a paying subscriber to your services, but you offer almost no workable solutions to any of the problems your migration created!  The good folks at Disqus, in the mean time, are working on a comment import utility and assure me that there is hope.  See, that’s all I asked for: hope.

In return, I’m giving Disqus a chance on this site before reverting to the native WordPress commenting system.

So what’s next? An automated Twitter digest and the eventual migration of my two sister sites to this platform.