Presidential Homes

The on-line “cloud” is an interesting place. I use as my primary storage depot for photographs. A group called “nowpublic” often uses Flickr photos (after asking for permission, of course) on a variety of news items. Several of mine have made it there. For instance, my photo of friend Matthew “Darth” Vadum and Matt Drudge, ended up here.

Similarly, my photo of the White House ended up in this news story. And my photo of the Lincoln Memorial was used in this story about the MLK assassination anniversary.

Recently Yahoo! Editorial has got into the Flickr game, as well. A collection they’ve put together on “Presidential homes” now includes this photo of me, taken in 2001 by the above mentioned Darth Vadum, in front of the Clintons’ new home during the early days of the Bush II administration.

It’s kind of strange that a photo taken on a whim on a careless evening a decade ago would end up in someone’s somewhat random collection.

Speaking of random photos, here is yet another animated GIF showing that the Dim Mak is indeed real: