Student Evaluations

It’s that time of the year again.  As regular readers are aware, I tend to post my favourite student evaluations here in this public space.  (See here and here.) No, this is not a violation of privacy because, for one, all the evaluations are technically my property; and two, the evaluations are submitted completely anonymously.  I really have no idea who wrote them… well, except for those who made reference to specific facts that clearly identify them.  But that’s their choice.

To be clear, I read every evaluation given to me.  I take them all very seriously, especially the ones that are critical of me.  So I don’t want anyone to think that I’m being flippant about this.

However, there’s no denying the fact that I enjoy the less than serious ones.  So here’s a sample.

You may not be 12 years old, but I certainly am.  What, you thought this was about you?

But pretty rough on the nose.

Only Ph.D.s are licenced to use five syllable words, but even we are limited to one usage per week.  Sorry.

Okay.  I will replace it with "cognitively impaired aft region."

But the nightmares.... THE NIGHTMARES!

Liar!  You weren't in the car!

Let me guess.  As the middle aged man, I'm the one with the drooping sword?

My coolness flows from the sleep deprivation.

Yes.  Yes he is.

You noticed the grey?  Wahhhhh!!!!!

Rayrat could have just shat on the novels. That's what the critics did.