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Village Reunion – deonandia

Village Reunion

Greetings from Guyana, where I am frantically packing before my flight home tomorrow.  Among other tasks this past week was the much anticipated reunion of former residents of my family’s old village of Windsor Forest.  My family left the village about 40 years ago.  I’ve been back a few times since, but my parents haven’t set foot in the place in decades.  The reunion saw several generations of ex-pats arrive to re-live their long lost innocent youths.  As an aside, the village was once featured in an anthropological treatise by Raymond Smith of the University of Chicago.

I don’t have a lot of time right now to write anything of substance.  So instead you get a brief glimpse of the festivities through the following photos.

A tiny ferris wheel entertains the kiddies

My father tells us of his rice farming days

A pastoral view of the rear of the village

A foot race for the young village boys

The last event: climbing the "greasy pole"