I am an unabashed fan of mixed martial arts, as evidenced by my many posts on the topic.  A big part of the success of the UFC, in my opinion, is the very intelligent commentary of one Mr Joe Rogan.  In fact, one of my favourite time-killing past times is watching various Joe Rogan commentaries on YouTube.  The man knows his stuff.

Another fantastic MMA commentator is Ariel Helwani, whose entire career is on the internet, but who is a much better sports broadcaster and interviewer than pretty much anyone I can think of on mainstream television.

Here are two clips of Helwani interviewing Rogan, backstage at one of Rogan’s comedy shows:

And I just love this ten minute rant of Joe Rogan talking about Brock Lesnar.  If you’re an MMA fan, you’ll love it, too:

In other news, this past week I was interviewed by Rashi Khilnani of Radio Canada International’s “Indo Canadian Report“, on the topic of reproductive tourism and surrogate motherhood in India.  To access the show, click here.

Also, I’m a little late on linking to this, but over at Skiffy, I have a review up of the first season of the fantastic new British series Sherlock.