Charlie Bit Me

I know I’m slow on the take, but I only recently discovered one of the world’s most popular internet memes, the video of two ubercute little British tykes –Harry and Charlie Carr-Davies– one of whom bites the other:

At one time, that was the most viewed video clip in the world.  In fact, Time listed it as the number one viral video of all time.  And I’m gratified that the boys’ family appear to take it all in stride, as per some of the quotes in the Wikipedia article.

Of course, like all things on the internet, it’s been remixed oodles of times. Here’s one in which Charlie not only bites his brother, but he wants his soul, too!

Then there’s the obligatory autotune remix, which is actually not too bad:

Then, as memes collide, there was the unavoidable mash-up between Charlie Bit Me and the Bedroom Intruder classic:

Then the kids got older and serious: