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Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2010-10-25 – deonandia

Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2010-10-25

  • Jeebus, I'm about to board a bush plane filled with drunken Russian men. What fresh hell is this? #fb #
  • At Ogle airport in Guyana, awaiting flight to the interior. Updates will be scarce in the next few days #fb #
  • Boarding now. Talk amongst yourselves. #fb #
  • Hey, Toronto terminal 3 now has free wifi! Almost makes up for the $10 salad 🙁 #fb #
  • About to board BW601 from Toronto to Trinidad. Anybody else here? Anyone? Bueller? #fb #
  • Planning on watching last night's "Survivor" episode during my flight into the jungle. That's how bad-ass I am. #fb #
  • :Twitter haiku 279 – "Psychic zoo-keepers / Drowned by amorous dolphin / They saw it coming" #fb #
  • Heading to the interior of Guyana tonight; gone for a week. I wonder if any forest communities are buying UFC 121? #fb #
  • Went to the computer store to buy a cable and came out with a new computer. I think I have a problem. #fb #
  • Apparently only 3.7% of people know that today is World Statistics Day #fb #
  • People suck. I hate people. Everytime something goes wrong in the world, know who's there? People! #fb #
  • In Porter lounge in Ottawa… surrounded by business douchebags talking aloud on their bluetooths #fb #