Citizen Wat

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by CanWest journalist Sharon Kirkey to give some scholarly input on a story she was doing on reproductive tourism, which happens to be my major research area.  After the brief phone interview, CanWest sent a photographer to take a quick pic of me in my office.  I was a bit surprised when the photographer turned our boardroom into a makeshift studio and took about a hundred fancy photos.

I was extremely surprised when, upon waking on Sunday and (as is my wont) checking Facebook, I discovered a wave of congratulatory messages.  It seems that The Ottawa Citizen had not only featured Ms Kirkey’s story as their main lead, but had opted to put a gigantic photo of yours truly on the front page, above the fold!  If the link still works, you can see the digital version of the article here.

If the link doesn’t work, here’s a photo of the paper, taken by my friend Mona:

As another friend who’d inadvertently picked up the paper that morning had commented, “I thought you’d either been elected Prime Minister or arrested for terrorism!”

Whatever.  I’m not complaining.

Oh, but it gets better!  It seems the story hit the wires and was reproduced on scores of papers around the country and around the world.  My photo popped up in the Vancouver Sun and the Calgary Herald, to name but two.  (Though the online versions of those papers don’t carry my enormous photo.)

The best is the version carried by South Asia Mail.  Right under the title, “Desperate couples resort to foreign surrogates” is my giant head…. with no caption for context.  So which am I? A desperate couple or a foreign surrogate?

Desperate couples resort to foreign surrogates

In Other News…

My superhero obsession continues.  First there’s the discovery of porn based upon the Justice League.  (Of course, in a gang bang, the last hero you’d want to be is the Flash.)  And now here’s a series of “fail” photos having to do with superheroes.

First up is this Wolverine inflatable with the problematically placed “nipple”:

Next is this very shocking “other” side to Superman.  He’s my hero no more!

And lastly, if anyone out there has one of these, I so want one!  No further comment necessary:

And there you have it.  In 0ne blog post, I go from serious professor on the cover of newspapers around the world, to juvenile and pervy toy collector.  Such is life.