Doggy Wat

Ever used “Goggles“, the Google utility that allows your cell phone’s camera to act as a visual search engine? It’s pretty cool. My brother and I were playing with it last night. Our first attempts were to search the image of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Goggles accurately identified him from a photo we took of his image on a computer screen.

So then we tried an obscure photo of a young William Shatner. Goggles returned with…. wait for it… “young William Shatner.”

So then my brother decided to photograph images of yours truly. We used this image first, then this one.

Well, Goggles identified my first image as….. this:

And my second photo was identified as…. this thing:

So then we tried scanning a pic of friend Andrew Currie; this head shot, to be specific. And this is what Goggles identified his head as:

The technology has some bugs.  Happy Xmas!