One of my favourite, most enduring songs is “Killer” by Adamski, made most famous by Seal.  It’s been re-recorded and mixed a zillion times.  But this is the earliest version I could find, a live performance by Adamski in Liverpool in 1989:

The first time I ever heard it was 1990, on the greatest music TV show ever, The New Music, featuring the following video:

I remember 20 years ago thinking how cool it was that Adamski was wearing a fur coat on a spaceship. That’s how my mind worked back then. Watching it today, my only thought is: damn, those dudes look like little kids! Of course, Seal went on to marry a supermodel a hobnob with the Hollywood elite. Here he his recently, middle aged, performing Adamski’s song that made him famous. Adamski, meanwhile, grew up to be a troll:


The other version of note is that done by George Michael, supposedly backed by the surviving members of Queen and by Lisa Stansfield:

But there are soooo many more versions. Possibly the very worst is this one by the Northern Kings:

Then there’s the girly version by the Sugababes:

I kind of like the version by Scottish band Sons and Daughters:

And the number of trance mixes must number in the hundreds, such as this one:

What does it all mean? Nothing. Just an excuse for me to post some clips.