Some Random Sh*t

It’s Christmas Eve. There’s no need to be afraid. Or to be deep, for that matter. So today I’m just posting some silly photos.

Apparently this is a scientist in China who is re-introducing a panda cub into the wild, and who wants the cub to perceive minimal "human" contact.

Lightning within the ash cloud of the Iceland volcano earlier this year.

Here are some of my favourite cartoons from First is one relevant to my present research focus:

Next is one relevant to ..well… nothing:

This one is relevant to my, um, other interests:

And lastly, this one is relevant to the nadir of human civilization, the commentary on Youtube videos:

In Other News

Seems I was quoted in a Czech newspaper. One Facebook “friend” suggests that it can be best translated as:

‎”Is it any postpartum burritos for mothers?” asked and answered, it is not.

And lastly, the same “friend” suggests the following Three Laws of Watotics:

That is all. Happy Ho Ho.