Dick Tater

Yes, Dick Tater is my new porn name.  It has replaced “David Cop-a-Feel”.  Of course, once you choose a porn name, you must also have an image to go with it.  I choose this one:

I posted this on Facebook and got the regular comments.  Dr Barry W from down south, however, upped the ante with this limerick:

“There was a potato named Ray

Who was shaped in a specific way

If you gave him a prick

In his tater-shaped dick

You could bake him in less than a day.”

You’re welcome, Barry.

In Other News…

As history continues to be made in Egypt today, looting has spread to the Cairo museum.  Soldiers were sent in to protect the antiquities.  Al Jazeera had interesting video of kitted soldiers patrolling the museum, surrounded by sarcophagi and mummies et al, but sadly I can’t find an image to post here.  See, it looks so much like a scene out of Stargate!