American Airports Suck

Wow. This is my first time traveling by air in the USA since the TSA took over.  It’s never been a joy, but now it’s simply intolerable.

I arrived at Miami airport a bit surprised to see that Americans are still doing curbside check-in. I thought 911 did away with that.

Once inside, i passed a man muttering to himself: “never again, never again, never again, never again….” and i soon shared his sentiment.

See, once you check yourself in, and are hit with a surprise $25 fee for checking in a bag, you must then wait for someone to call your name before you can actually weigh your luggage. It was very Third Worldy, with throngs of people pushing and straining to hear their names, much like the doctors offices of my childhood.

Once you miraculously get your luggage weighed, you must then drag it to the TSA desk to be checked. Pushing and straining continues then.

The actual security screen was mercifully fast, and i didnt even get felt up.  I do wonder though what they accomplish by checking your ID several times when you’re in line.  No can leave or join the line, so do they expect our ID to magically change somehow?

Never again, never again, never again…

Part 2: Tampa

Greetings from Tampa airport.  Wow!  Night and day difference!  This place is pretty, efficient, pleasant, and I even got nicely felt up by the TSA agent!  All is right with the world again 🙂