It Doesn’t Take Much

Last year, a former student of mine sent the following letter about me to the Dean of my faculty.  I told her I would blog it, but sort of hemmed and hawed about it for several months.  Aw heck, why not?  It’s pretty cool.  How many times in life does one actually get a record of such praise?  Thanks, unnamed student who I know is probably reading this 😉

The Superstar.

Quite the special one. Says whatever comes to his mind and voices the things people would never say but are definitely thinking. Definitely has the guts to do it all and will do it all. He’s not a professor but sort of like a superhero – professor by day, complete fool by night! Jokes aside, he is definitely one of a kind. It’s almost impossible to evaluate someone who you think of as your friend, mentor, and role model. I really don’t think he needs an evaluation at all. Just come sit in on one of his lectures. And you will walk out amazed, shocked, adrenaline filled, and absolutely smiling.

Now that my ego is satisfied for the day (and it really doesn’t take much), I’d also like to invite you to the McGill University Colloquium on Health and Law this coming Sunday, where yours truly will be one of the speakers:

In Other News…

After watching UFC 128 and Jon “Bones” Jones’s destruction of one of my favourite fighters, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, I really enjoyed this small vignette from the post-fight press conference (the good bit starts at 27:50):