Memories of the 70s

It’s 4:30AM and I’m re-watching my favourite rock documentary, Julien Temple’s The Filth and the Fury, about the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols.  It got me feeling uncharacteristically nostalgic about the 70s, a decade whose entirety I lived through, but of which I have only sporadic memories, at least of its early years.

Now, it’s not the first time I’ve found myself thinking of the 70s.  Remember this?

Some of you young’uns may get a kick out of the following instrumental by Syrinx called “Tillicum”, because it was the theme of a late 60s CBC series called Here Come The Seventies.  I’ve been trying to find episodes of that show online, but so far to no avail.

But what I find really interesting right now –in my sleep deprived state– is that I have two competing iconic musical memories of the 70s presently in my head, and they are both sooo different. The first is the New York Dolls (who pre-dated punk) from the early 70s. Here they are doing “Jet Boy“:

And the second is by Blondie, from 1979:

Okay, bed beckons…