Obscure Historical Figure of the Day #1: Edmond Albius

Edmond Albius (image from Wikipedia)

I’m adding a new feature on this site: obscure historical figures of the day!

Today’s Obscure Historical Figure is Edmond Albius who, as a 12 year old African slave, developed a process for hand-pollinating the vanilla plant, thus breaking the Mexican monopoly on the spice and transforming the world’s economy.

In Other News…

As I posted on Facebook today, Tits are Bouncing Back! This gives me the excuse to post the following animated GIF of bouncing tits:

Bouncing Tits

In Other Other News…

I’m getting tired of crotchety old commentators criticizing the fashion choices of tribal peoples.  I’m talking about choices like this dude’s:

Yeah, it might look weird to us.  But you know what else looks weird?  This chick:

Here name is Priscilla Caputo and she is one of many North Americans addicted to plastic surgery. And she used to look like this:

Priscilla Caputo

So there’s plenty of weirdness to go about, people.