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Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-06-06 – deonandia

Weekly Twitter Tweets for 2011-06-06

  • I'm at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) (Terminal Access Rd 1, Mississauga) w/ 26 others http://4sq.com/iWYJ43 #
  • Back in Canada after a 12 hour flight stuck behind a farting old man. My sinuses will never be the same again. #fb #
  • Oh, Air Canada. Microwaved ramen noodles don't really count as an in-flight meal. #fb #
  • Toronto, bitches! #fb #
  • A big plug to http://www.securitales.com for providing a way to access social media sites in, shall we say, more restrictive global jurisdictions. #
  • Checking my Gmail on open Wifi in China right now. That can't be a good idea, can it? #fb #
  • Signing off. See you bitches in Beijing. #fb #
  • By the way, Air China is not like Cathay Pacific. It's more like Greyhound. #fb #
  • Stop asking for my seat, and stop eyeing it like it were a chocolatey dessert. (By seat I meant airplane chair, not my ass… maybe) #fb #
  • Right on schedule, someone is negotiating for my aisle seat. Frack off already! #fb #
  • Great. Screaming toddlers in front of me who keep reaching for my stuff. No, you are NOT cute. Now drink some booze and pass out already #fb #
  • The guy next to me on the plane keeps reading over my shoulder. Hey, buttface! The arm rest is to be SHARED. #fb #
  • The Chinese guy next to me on my Beijing flight is blasting John Denver tunes on his phone. Thought you'd like to know. #fb #
  • Leaving India any moment now. Gotta burn through my pre-paid internet while I can. How much porn can one man download in under 5 min? #fb #
  • Hmm. Air China does not require seeing a passport before boarding for an international flight. Should I be worried? #fb #
  • At Lok Sabha today I saw a guy with a "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt. Dude, it's not 1985 anymore. #fb #
  • :Twitter 296 – "Indian airport / Shopping for tax-free clothing / Buying dhoti free" #fb #
  • I'm at Indira Gandhi International Airport – International Arrival Terminal 3 http://4sq.com/lwRej8 #
  • What's the point of getting to the airport early (like they ask), if they won't let you check in? #fb #
  • Last day in Delhi. Maybe I'll attend a satyagraha or two. I hear there's one going on downtown. #fb #
  • Damn! My Cathay Pacific flight is now an Air China flight! #fb #
  • I'm at Host Inn (f block cannaught place, New Delhi) http://4sq.com/jJekHW #
  • Back in Delhi, bitches! #fb #
  • I'm at Keys International (Opposite Fire Brigade, Housing Board Junction, Housing Board Junction, Trivandrum) http://4sq.com/m25YOg #
  • I was horrified to learn that all the giggling in the audience of my lecture in India was because all the students read my blog! #fb #
  • You know it's time to leave India when my time is now spent writing in a bar, drinking coffee and eating chips. Temples? What temples? #fb #
  • Indian TV close-captioning just wrote "black mercedes" as "magma shadeys" #fb #
  • Happily back in Trivandrum, after a death-defying 4 hour bus ride across a quarter of Tamil Nadu and Kerala #fb #
  • Suddenly find myself in a town called Nagercoil, waiting for a bus. Have no idea where I am. #fb #