Separated At Birth, part 13 (UFC edition)

For part 12 in our continuing series, click here.

Today we look at who some of the more famous UFC fighters resemble.  I’m not the first to notice these ones.

First up: Forrest Griffin and Alfred E. Neumann.  But which is which??

Next we have Rich Franklin and Jim Carrey.  More precisely, Carrey’s Ace Ventura persona.  In fact, this is how Franklin got his nickname, “Ace”.  And yes, I know the Carrey pic below is not of Ace Ventura, but of whats-his-name in Dumb and Dumber.

Now, this last one is so close that I honestly sometimes have a hard time telling photos of these two men apart.  In fact, in the example below, I only know the one on the left is Rashad Evans because he’s standing in front of a UFC banner.  The other fellow?  Cuba Gooding, Jr.  The lesson?  Based on resemblance alone, Cuba Gooding, Jr, can probably kick your ass: