My New Textbook

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t plug my latest book. It’s my first independent venture into e-publishing, and I like it. In fact, I’m itching to do more. But in the mean time, this book was created specifically for my undergraduate class in International Health. However, I think the content is relevant for anyone interested in a basic understanding of international/global health. My description of the book:

“Introduction to International Health Theory: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” is an e-textbook targeted to students with a health sciences background who are new to the field of international/global health. Based upon the content of an undergraduate international health class at the University of Ottawa, the book explores the theoretical frameworks and challenges underlying today’s transnational health issues. An interdisciplinary approach is taken by considering perspectives from history, economics, ethics, epidemiology, demography, and political science. Chapter titles are: (1) Context of International Health, (2) Origins of Disparity, (3) History of International Health, (4) Indicators of Population Health, (5) Relevant Institutions, (6) The Nature of Aid, (7) Global Health Ethics, (8) Overpopulation, and (9) Emerging Issues.”

Purchase it directly from the publisher: Note that once purchased, you will have to download a piece of software called “Bookshelf” in order to access the book’s content.  The publisher is charging around $50, which makes me a little uncomfortable.  I thought it would be half that price!  But there it is.