Still Waiting For My “Internet”

Last month, I blogged about my woes trying to get consistent internet service.

I had assumed that by now I would have jumped from TekSavvy to a new provider. But every time I start the process, the service improves… for several hours. It’s almost like I’m becoming accustomed to shitty service, and have started becoming okay with it.

This weekend I ran some speed tests:

First, I got this:

Then, upon prompting from the TekSavvy customer service on Twitter, I tried plugging my computer directly into the modem, and got this:


Problem solved, right? No. A few minutes later, it was back to:


But no! That wasn’t TekSavvy! That was actually when I was surfing off my tethered smart phone (as I’m doing now, because my TekSavvy service sucks.) So I disconnected the phone, reconnected to TekSavvy, and… nothing. I couldn’t even get the speedtest to work, it was so slow.

Eventually, I got something resembling passable service later on in the evening. But it was variable.

I just tried it again, and I got:


See my problem? When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, it sucks. And it swings back and forth so much that I never know what to tell the technicians.

Every time I Tweet my frustrations, TekSavvy responds that I should DM them and open a ticket. But I’ve done this several times, and nothing ever comes of it.

Maybe it’s time for a change