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The Wacky World of Publishing – deonandia

The Wacky World of Publishing

Layout 1As promised, I have officially entered the wacky world of self-publishing.  My latest textbook, a very basic overview of some of the key concepts in Epidemiology, called Nothing To With Skin, is now available as an Amazon.com Kindle ebook.  (Yes, I’ve been hanging on to that title for a number of years, and even used it in this earlier blog post four years ago.)

(If you’re interested in buying it and do not have a Kindle e-reader, you can download a free Kindle PC reader for your desktop, a Kindle app for either iPhone or Android, or –my personal favourite– use the  free Kindle Cloud Reader on any web browser.)


Also, some years ago I agreed to share one of my short stories with a Brazilian fiction anthology.  I never learned what happened with that project…. until a few hours ago.  It seems Antologia Pan-Americana, edited by Stephane Chao, was published in 2011, and features stories by some luminaries, including Jonathan Franzen and Margaret Atwood, as well as yours truly!

Here is someone’s blog post (in Portuguese) about the anthology.  And you can buy a copy here or here.  The amazing thing is that I have no memory of which of my stories is in that anthology!  I actually have no idea which one it could be.

I’m sort of enjoying the mystery.