Upcoming Public –Free– Event on Medical Tourism


Everyone loves a free night out, right?  Some colleagues and I are hosting a “Cafe Scientifique”, which is a public engagement event sponsored by CIHR, meant to casually discuss with the taxpaying public some of the medical research issues that they are supporting.

Our event is called, “Borders, Babies, and Body Parts: The Ethical Dilemmas of Medical Tourism“, and will be held on May 7, 5pm, at the Heart & Crown pub at 67 Clarence St in Ottawa.  There will be some free refreshments, and the setting is very very informal.  If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to jkarpf@uottawa.ca

There’s a nice little blurb about our event here.

Please come out and join the conversation, and invite your friends.  If you forget to RSVP, you can still come.  But we’d like to get an idea of the numbers beforehand.