FREE Downloads of Sweet Like Saltwater

Welcome to what we Guyanese call “Old Year’s Night”, or what’s known in the West as “New Year’s Eve.”

Sixteen years ago, my writing career really got off to an explosive start with the release of my very first book of fiction, Sweet Like Saltwaterpublished by the very excellent company, TSAR Books.

The book was well received and ended up winning some awards, most notably the Guyana Prize for Best First Work.  (The Guyana Prize is the national book award of Guyana.)

It was with some sadness that the book went out of print earlier this year, and its publishing rights reverted back to me.  But New Year’s is a time of rebirth.  One of my bigger projects for the new year is the launch of my electronic book imprint, Intanjible Publishing (more about this in a future post.) As part of this launch, I have re-packaged and re-issued Sweet Like Saltwater as a very inexpensive ebook, which is sold on

In celebration of all things new and reborn, for one day only –tomorrow, Jan 1, 2015– anyone can download the Sweet Like Saltwater ebook absolutely free of charge. Just click the following link (on New Year’s Day, of course):

I’m also privately selling off the remaining issues of the 1999 edition (signed, if you want) at discounted prices, while supplies last. For details, click here.

Happy New Year’s Eve!