Globalization and the Indian Middle Class

Image borrowed from

Image borrowed from

June 2, 2015 – Greetings from Ahmedabad, India, where I am one of the instructors at the Indian Institute of Technology (Gandhinagar) Summer Institute on Global Health & Development. As part of our program, we have group discussions on a variety of topics, usually driven by published papers.

One such discussion was based upon two papers, “Khap Panchayats, Sex Ratio and Female Agency” and “Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ally McBeal and arranged marriages: globalization on the ground in India

About 8 students took part (all but one were male). They were informed that the session was being recorded, and I received permission from them to share our session with the public, via this podcast.

I apologize for the very poor audio quality. It was recorded on my smartphone. I think many non-Indians will be particularly interested in hearing about how the Indian middle class sees itself with respect to the globalized economy.