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Straight Outta Gotham – deonandia

Straight Outta Gotham

The Batmen

The Batmen

All right, I don’t usually plug Youtube clips. But I’ve watched this one about 30 times today already. If you’re a serious comic book fan –specifically, a Batman fan– this will resonate with you.

It’s a fan-made music video parody of NWA‘s Straight Outta Compton, sung by Batman’s rogue’s gallery. It’s headlined by Two-face, Riddler and Joker, with interspersions from Bane. I find Riddler’s bits to be the best written and the most skillfully delivered. But it was Two-face’s scary, gravely voice that got me hooked, including his name-checking of Blackgate Prison and Frank Whaley (from Swimming With Sharks).

Here are some of the best lines:


“I’ll admit that your toys are pretty nifty. But I still put your odds at fifty-fifty.”


“Riddle me this, what has four legs and flies? Batman and Robin when they meet their demise.”

“You might wonder why I leave clues behind. Fuck you. That’s how my shit’s designed.”

“I’ve got more riddles than the motherfuckin’ Sphinx.”


“My actions might strike you as kind of odd. But I’m the motherfucker killed Jason Todd.”

“Crazy: like getting mail on a Sunday. I’m a coup deville and Batman’s a Hyundai.”

“I shot Barbara Gordon right through her spine. Now she can’t walk. Haha! Punchline!”

Here’s the video:

Let’s not forget that the first best NWA parody was done by none other than Chris Rock in his seminal CB4: