All right, this blog has been in existence for a numbing twenty-three years. Every year, the first post has traditionally been an un-funny, uninsightful one in which I list all the things in my life I am thankful for. I hate this shit when other people do it, so I will not be offended if you just skip it. But tradition is tradition, so I must do the needful…

In no particular order, In 2015, I was thankful for:

  • The continued affections of a certain young woman, who makes my life measurably better in every conceivable way.
  • The continued affections of a certain young canine. It amazes me how much I think about his stupid little face and how much I miss it when it’s not in front of me.
  • The continued passable good health of my immediate family. It’s a lucky man indeed who has a large, close nuclear family well into his late forties.
  • The genuine privilege of being an educator and mentor to new generations of young adults. They drive me crazy, frustrate me no end, and regularly disappoint me with varying degrees of entitlement and low expectation of themselves. But do I love the fuckers, and worry for them.
  • The fact that I approach my personal semi-centennial, I’m still fit, youthful and active. In the last two moths, my spinal disc issues re-asserted themselves and I found myself temporarily disabled. It was a nightmare. Do not take your mobility for granted, people. Every day you can move about care for yourself is a good day, indeed.
  • As a student of history, I am endlessly grateful for living in a time and place when/where there is peace, comfort, opportunity, and bounty. If you live in a high income country in the 21st century, regardless of your personal disposition, you are among the most fortunate human beings who have ever lived. That’s a realization that should pull anyone out a privileged “O woe is me” funk.

For the last few years, I have celebrated New Year’s by launching a new personal initiative or project. Last year, it was the launch of my publishing imprint, Intanjible. This year it will be the release of a new, rather unexpected book. Stay tuned. It will happen within the next few days, and free copies will be temporarily available for download.

That is all. Today I’m going to read an actual, honest-to-Zod book. No emails or wasting too much time on social media. Let’s see how long I last.