More Random Sh*t

Leg day: the most feared day on the workout calendar. I’m only telling you this to give you a heads-up, that 48 hours from now I will be loudly  cursing all the things you hold dear as I struggle to walk and to sit on the toilet.

My ongoing retreat from social media

I know it’s a tired story by now, and you’re likely sick of hearing about it. But this is the advantage of now doing all my expositional writing on my personal blog: I don’t care what you think.

Anyway, with each passing day I become more convinced that it was a good idea to retreat from active participation from social media, at least for the time being, due in large part to a recent cultural shift as a puritanical outrage culture seems to have become ascendant.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, last week’s episode of Family Guy (“The D in Apartment 23“) really gives it some thickness. In the episode, Brian is rendered a social pariah for tweeting an ill-conceived and mildly offensive joke.

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one noticing, and being somewhat alarmed by, this trend. Last night’s Real Time With Bill Maher featured this exchange between Bill and Chelsea Handler that hit home with me:

(I apologize for the weird audio. I’m not very good and doing video screen grabs yet.)

It’s all got me feeling like this guy:

I’m getting a lot more sleep these days. (I used to average 3-5 hours per night, but now for some reason I’m doing 7-9 hours). But I wake up with a twitching left eye and a desire to strangle someone. So clearly I have some issues that need working out. Angrily tweeting shit is not the best way to deal.

The Overly Complicated Breakfast(s)™

Here are the last three breakfasts:

From Friday Nov 17: I temporarily abandoned by hard-won fake vegetarianism for a day and enjoyed eggs scrambled in yogurt, a grilled striploin steak, three turkey meatballs, plantains fried in coconut oil, a vagabond leftover spring roll, and broccoli and kale sauteed in ghee.

From Saturday Nov 18: eggs scrambled in yogurt, plantains fried in coconut oil, apple slices fried in butter, and buttered toast.

From Sunday Nov 19: I went full high glycemic index after a brutal leg workout… a three-egg banana frittata, buttered cinnamon raisin toast, apple slices fried in butter, and pitted dates.

 In Other News….

Students are driving me crazy. No news there.

I’m a lifelong lover of science fiction. I’m a published, award-winning sci-fi writer and edit my own sci-fi website.  But I am so totally sick of all things Star Wars related.  Enough already!

Speaking of sci-fi-related things, I saw Justice League yesterday.  I’m thinking about whether or not to write a review. I mean, does anyone really care? I suppose it doesn’t matter. If I feel like writing a review, I will write a review.

One of the smarter (but with considerably less heart) incarnations of my favourite sci-fi franchise, Stargate, is Stargate Universe, which ended on a cliffhanger in 2011, after only two seasons.  Well, now there’s a canonical comic book series that finally aims to complete the tale. I just ordered the first issue.

And guess what?  Two new episodes of Science Monkey are in the can and will be streaming very soon indeed….