Some More Nonsense

With all the recent news about sexual harassment, I’m reminded of the time I was harassed by my boss in the workplace some years ago. Of course, back then I was self-employed and worked alone from home, so it’s a bit complicated.

Shut up, it’s a joke. (And here come the angry comments….)

Overly Complicated Breakfast™

Today’s entry was overseen by my little buddy:

…Eggs scrambled in yogurt, my mother’s curried chick peas (or as we brown folk call it, “channa”), my mother’s split pea fritters (what we Guyanese folk call “bara“), and my sister’s black bean guacamole.

Dogulus Prime

While we’re talking about my furry little pal, here are some more adorable photos, because they have to go somewhere!

And this one was taken just as I was about to leave him earlier today…. so the anxiety can be seen on his little face, as if he’s just been touched in an inappropriate place…


A couple of weeks ago, on Monday Nov 6, I attended a live TV taping of (sigh) Impact Wrestling. The show was pretty good. But the attendance was pitiful. Maybe a hundred people showed up. I’m doubtful the company can last. In the mean time, here’s a photo of the “dark match” that occurred after the cameras stopped recording, between Cowboy James Storm and the legendary Alberto Del Rio:

I tweeted some photos and industry watched instantly started interrogating me online about the show’s attendance, lineup and quality. I sort of miss the world of pro wrestling. But then again, I sort of don’t.

I’m All About Free Lunch

Also a few weeks ago, I attended a lunch with the University of Toronto’s Dean of Medicine, organized for donors, during which we got to meet Danielle Martin, who is making some waves in the medical world for her perspectives on health care reform. I have not read her book; instead, I donated it to my physician girlfriend. I will let her render an informed opinion.

Here’s a pic of Dr Martin in mid-speech:

The least interesting aspect of the event, at least for people reading this, is me and the people I sat with. But to heck with you. We were a fun table! Here are some pics:

Open Scholarship

On Friday Nov 3, I was graciously given the Open Scholarship Award by the library of the University of Ottawa. Here’s a pic of me receiving it from Jeanette Hatherill. Just marvel at that glorious bald spot:

And here’s me demonstrating my mastery of Venn diagrams:

And here’s me suddenly being the victim of a stick-up robbery in mid-presentation. We need better security:

What Else?

Clearly this has been a slow news day for me. As noted yesterday, new episodes of Science Monkey are forthcoming. While we wait, my co-host Dr Graham Sanders reminds us that even the greatest scientists were appreciative of the occasional fun fact: