The Assholery Foundation

This doofus.

First, let me plug an upcoming event. The CSEB uOttawa chapter (whom I advise) will be hosting an information session on how to apply to Epidemiology graduate schools on Nov 10.  Details are here.  And yes, I will be in attendance, because I know you all care.

My latest “Separated at Birth” is here.

As I write this, I am 4 days overdue in delivering a paper that was commissioned by a science journal. So what I doing? Blogging, of course. And counting. By my reckoning, I have to finish writing NINE partly finished papers this semester before I can allow myself to start any new projects. And I have so many new projects I am itching to start! Grrr.

But first, of course, I have to finish this particular bit of blogging nonsense 🙂

By the way, I’ve started using ToDoIst to help me organize my enormous to-do list. Try it out!

So let’s start with this bit of nonsense:

Not intrigued enough? Okay, here’s some more nonsense. See? This is why I don’t get any work done. This is also how I want to go out:

My Favourite TV Show

I’ve made no secret that my favourite TV show of all time is…. Stargate SG-1! I write about it incessantly, as in here and here and here and here and here and here.

One of my favourite podcasts is by two sets of Australian brothers and their friend, discussing…. Stargate! (They once mentioned me on their show and I nearly choked on the thing I was eating.)

As I watch at least one episode every single day, I was amused to find this image:

Toronto Mayoral Election

Today is voting day in Toronto! We (well not me, but we) will select a new mayor. Even though I am living in Toronto this year, I’m no longer a registered resident, so I can’t vote. But that hasn’t stopped me appreciating the shenanigans.

As you may know, one of the candidates is one Faith Goldy, a very physically attractive woman, but someone with some very ugly ideas and attitudes. Some say she has white supremacist sympathies. I don’t know. I just know that the things that come out of her mouth are not to my liking.

But this tweet was definitely to my liking:

The Assholery Foundation

I Google random words. It’s what I do. There’s no reason. Curious phrases, like “Gerbil society”, pop into my head, and I need to know if it’s a thing. So I Google it. Case in point:

The other day, I Googled “assholery foundation.” And this image popped up:

I am both pleased and satisfied.

My Sweet Booblums

These past few days, the Blonde One was away with her family, so I took our four-legged adopted son to stay with me and my parents. His public name is Dogulus Prime. His name at the orphanage was Boz. When we first got him, we named him alternatively Thor, Maurice, and Wagner. Ultimately, his official name is actually Sherlock, or Shirlz for short. (Though, being that he is the Son of Wat, he really should be called Watson). His street name (how he’s known in the hood) is Jimmy-Jam Rodriguez. If he needs to blend in with my people, I will call him Lakshmi Patel.

And when I spank his butt (which dogs enjoy; don’t judge me) I call him Spankford Jones, and I sing the Spankford Jones song.  Yes, there’s a Spankford Jones song.  And I know you want to know the lyrics. Let’s just say they involve convenient rhymes, like Spankford Jones being a friend of mine, which is why I spank his fat behind; and like how he has curly poodle hair on his poodle derriere; and how for such an annoying mutt, he has a spankable little butt.  You get the idea.

Don’t judge me. I’m on sabbatical and and getting weird and isolated.

But back to his vast plethora of names. At home, we call him Booby. Yes, Booby. Because he’s a little Booby. So my sister now calls him Booby Scooby. And my Guyanese mother calls him Booby-yah, while my father calls him Boobsie.

Poor fellow would have an identity crisis if he didn’t know that his actual name in the canine world is Lothar, Scourge of Squirrels.

Anyway, here are some pics from his recent stay at Chez Deonandan.

I ripped an annoying cushion off my desk chair and tossed it onto the ground. I looked over at it again, and saw….

Every morning, after I walk him, I attempt to do my workout. But every time, he insists that it’s tug of war time followed by belly rub time.

…Except for yesterday, when he actually let me do my workout. Instead of bugging me, he just watched and silently judged my form.

When he’s not growling at my sister and threatening to bite her, he’s begging her for a head massage.

And even though he’s a pain in the ass, sometimes he’s just cute.

And how is this for some synergy in posts? You can watch me play tug of war with him…. while there’s an episode of Stargate-SG1 on in the background!

At least he’s not this guy:

Vegan Pizza

Know what’s delicious? Vegan pizza! Hear me out. What’s so vegan about vegan pizza? The fake cheese! Some places, like Pizza Pizza, use a cheese substitute that’s made out of nuts, I believe.

I’ve developed a real weakness for Daiya brand vegan cheeses. And several local pizza places offer it as a cheese substitute. It’s made from cassava and arrowroot and is just delicious.

And yes, I believe that pineapple is PERFECT on pizza. Perfect, I say! I’m a believer in the power of exogenous digestive enzymes to combat systemic inflammation, especially that caused by certain whole proteins entering the bloodstream intact. When your stomach acids aren’t up to the job, then some exogenous help is useful. Guess where some of the best digestive enzymes come from? Papaya and pineapple. That’s right. So eat that pineapple on your pizza and reap something resembling a health benefit!

Me Me Me Me

I found two fun narcissistic links. The first is from my old high school, Northern Secondary. They list me among their notable alumni!

Then I found this article about me in “Black Ottawa Scene“:

It’s an honour to be considered “Black”, even though I’m not. This might be the highest pinnacle of cool to which I will ever reach. (And this is after I found out I’m likely 11% Chinese, which is also uber-cool.)

Those Meals

And here we go…

Oct 16 – Taboulleh salad, hummus, baba ghanouj, mashed potatoes, roasted tubers, sauteed cauliflower:

Oct 17 – Roasted tofu, toasted Montreal bagel, steamed broccoli & cauliflower, an avocado, and my mother’s curried potato and eggplant:

Oct 17 – Two meals today! My mother’s Guyanese “provisions”: duff (dumplings), cassava, yam, potatoes and plantains:

Oct 18 – Toasted Montreal bagel, my mother’s roti and curried pumpkin, and some roasted tofu:

Oct 19 – My mother’s curried pumpkin & roti, curried potatoes & eggplant, yams, Guyanese “duff” (dumplings), mango chutney, and pan fried mushrooms:

Oct 20 – Toasted Montreal bagel with margarine, bowl of honey nut cheerios with almond milk and diced apple:

Oct 21 – Curried pumpkin, Guyanese “bake” (friend bread), sauteed tomatoes and cabbage, and a bowl of dal and rice —all made by my mother:

Oct 22 – Vegan pizza from Mamma’s Pizza, an avocado, and a toasted Montreal bagel:

Oct 23 – Chia seed porridge with almond milk and coconut milk, my mother’s “bake”, beet spirals, and gluten-free pasta made by the Blonde One:

Greatest Diplomatic Story EVAR

The story begins…. “The United States’ embassy in Canberra has apologised for a ‘training error’ after distributing a fake meeting invitation, complete with a photo of a pyjama-wearing cat.”

And here, my friends, is a picture of said cat. You’re welcome.

I Will Leave You With This

Because it can’t all be cute god and cat photos…