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Book Chapters – deonandia

The following books contain chapters written by Raywat Deonandan…


Travelling Well: Essays in Medical Tourism (2013)

Institute for Population Health (ISSN 1922-1398 )

In this book (which I co-edited), in addition to co-writing the introduction and conclusion, I wrote the chapter titled, “An Introduction to the Ethical Dimensions of Reproductive Medical Tourism.” The book can be downloaded for free here.


Opposing Viewpoints: Popular Culture (2005)


Greenhaven Press (ISBN: 0737731052)

In this book of essays about popular culture, my article titled, “Why I Love Professional Wrestling” appears. Purchase it here.


Worlds of Wonder (2004)


University of Ottawa Press (ISBN: 0776605704)

This collection of essays about science fiction features my chapter titled, “A Scientist’s Relationship With Science Fiction“. Purchase it here.


Contemporary Ocular Motor & Vestibular Research: A Tribute to David A. Robinson (1994)


This academic collection includes my study co-written with my Master’s supervisor, Dr Peter E. Hallett, titled, “Spatial Summation of Saccades”. Purchase it here.