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Books – deonandia

Here are the books that I’ve authored…..

Sweet Like Saltwater (1999)


TSAR Publications (Toronto, 1999, ISBN: 0920661777)

My first published book.  A collection of short stories, this one was awarded the 1999 Guyana Prize (for Best First Work), which is the national book award of the nation of Guyana.  Purchase it here.


Divine Elemental (2003)


TSAR Publications (Toronto, 2003, ISBN: 1894770080)

My very first novel.  Critically acclaimed.  I’m quite proud of it. Click on the name for samples and a summary of the plot.  Purchase it here.


Introduction to International Health Theory: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (2013)


Kendall Hunt Publishing (ISBN:978-1-4652-3210-6)

An e-textbook targeted to students with a health sciences background who are new to the field of international/global health. Based upon the content of an undergraduate international health class at the University of Ottawa, the book explores the theoretical frameworks and challenges underlying today’s transnational health issues.  (Purchase it here.)

Travelling well: Essays in medical tourism (2013)

Institute for Population Health (ISSN 1922-1398 )

This is an academic book I co-edited with Ron Labonté, Vivien Runnels, and Corinne Packer. You can download it for free here.

Nothing To Do With Skin: The Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Population Health Research (2014)

Deonandan Consulting Inc (ISBN 978-0-9936763-0-7)

This is a very basic epidemiology textbook that I self-published. You can purchase the Amazon Kindle edition here, and the physical version (ISBN 0993676316) here.

Using Population Health Indicators for Global Health and Development (2015)

Intanjible Publishing (ISBN 9780993676345)

An introduction to the use of traditional indicators and models of population health –e.g., life expectancy, incidence, prevalence, maternal mortality ratio, population density, the demographic transition– for use by global health students and researchers.

You can purchase the Amazon Kindle edition here, and the physical version (ISBN 978-0993676352) here.

Determinants of Health (2017)

Kendall Hunt Publishing (ISBN:978-1-5249-1278-9)

An e-textbook targeted to freshman students in the health sciences. It provides an interdisciplinary overview of the traditional and emerging determinants of health.  (Purchase it here.)