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Professors’ Trivia Night, 2018

Trivia Master Wat with Jason, Jeff and Pascal

May 16, 2018, saw the second annual installment of our department’s trivia contest, held in a dank pub basement, and featuring solely the professors in our School…. and the daughter of one of said professors. (more…)

A Tale of Two Fallacies: the Insanity of Progressive Stacking

As I write this (on a plane en route from Cuba to Toronto), I’m thinking in an undisciplined manner about some recent developments in public intelligentsia.  I’m not quite sure how best to describe what I’m calling something of an “academic rift”, as its nature is only dimly formed in my frontal lobe. But it has something to do with the value of evidence and the extent to which we are willing and able to allow evidence (or what passes for evidence) to dictate our view of social and physical reality. Even as I write those words, I am aware that there will be disagreements about what constitutes “evidence”, and a full appreciation that almost nothing exists in an objective vacuum, immune from the infection of personal bias and value. (more…)

Skills That All Students Should Acquire

Last night, I attended a public meeting of various government science advisors, hosted at the University of Ottawa. As is my wont, I kept myself engaged by frantically live tweeting every innocuous thought that came into my monkey brain. (more…)

Today’s Headscratch: Female Students Need More Exam Time?

I’ve been spending some time in this space working out my thoughts about some of the challenges presently facing higher education.  (I reserve the right to change my mind, as always, as new evidence and perspectives are presented to me.) (more…)

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