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Today’s Headscratch: Female Students Need More Exam Time?

I’ve been spending some time in this space working out my thoughts about some of the challenges presently facing higher education.  (I reserve the right to change my mind, as always, as new evidence and perspectives are presented to me.) (more…)

Professors’ Trivia Night 2017

As is our annual tradition, this year’s faculty end-of-semester event was in a pub and featured much alcohol and unhealthful foods. Unlike previous years, though, this year we decided to play my favourite full contact sport: TRIVIA. (more…)

Some Thoughts on Safety and Free Speech

When people hear that I’m an Epidemiologist, they ask everything from, “What kinds of insects do you study?” to “I have a mysterious rash here…” So for those people, I give you this: (more…)

Thoughts on Educational Reform: A First Pass

You know the day is off to an interesting start when the Uber driver wants to talk to me about his lord and saviour Jesus Christ…. in French.

Onward. (more…)

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