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Saltwater Redux

Next month marks a watershed anniversary for me. It will be 25 years since my very first book, Sweet Like Saltwater, was published. Related, it’s also precisely the 25th anniversary of my first blog post. Yes, I’ve been blogging since before the word “blog” was coined.  (Not really, the term was invented 2 years before my first foray.)

My first post was indeed about the impending publication of Sweet Like Saltwater:


Gerbils, Scammers, and Books That Go F*ck

Fuck you, scammer

I just got a text message from one of those now ubiquitous scammers trying to get you to part with your banking info. This is our exchange:

Feel free to text him your own vitriol.


Another Epi Research Day Done!

My Favourite Books… oh, and the Academic Heresy Hunt

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