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Welcome to what we Guyanese call “Old Year’s Night”, or what’s known in the West as “New Year’s Eve.” (more…)

My Book Collection

It will surprise none of you to know that I have a prized collection of classic science fiction books.  Many of these books I inherited from older siblings.  But most of the valuable ones I acquired myself.  And when I say “valuable”, I certainly don’t mean in the monetary sense.  None of these masterpieces is in pristine condition.  And the only signed copy I have is of a later printing of “A Gift From Earth“, by Larry Niven. (more…)

Contest Winner


First off, congratulations to my 4th year Epidemiology students who put on a splendid array of independent research projects last week. The winners list is here, and the photos from the event are here. (more…)

Nothing To Do With Skin: A Physical Copy!

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